The Crocker Museum: Nine piece garniture in the Permanent Collection

The Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art; Three pieces from the Covid Series acquired for the Permanent Collection

The New Mexico Museum of Art: Purchased for the Permanent Collection

AMOCA: Three pieces in the Permanent Collection

Fuller Craft Museum: Purchase for the Permanent Collection: A Pair of Vessels

The Athenaeum of Philadelphia: The Olson Collection


The Crocker Museum Cool Clay nine piece garniture in

the permanent collection on display 2021

The Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art: 2022

The New Mexico Museum of Art Breath Taking images of a Covid-19 World, 2021

Michael Warren Contemporary: Wall of Shame 2020

Fuller Craft MuseumUncommon Exposures: Photography in Craft Based Media”

Fuller Craft Museum:Shelter, Place, Social, Distance: Contemporary Dialogues from the Permanent Collection 2020

2020 Jonathan Ferrara Gallery NOLA - Art in Doom 2020

Philadelphia100 Years 100 Women 2020

2020 Blue Spiral 1 Solo Show 2020

Cluj Ceramics Biennale ( Romania) 2020

Michael Warren Contemporary Denver Solo 

Lawrence Arts Center Kansas "The Image and the Vessel a Survey of Contemporary Pottery" 

Gerald Peters Gallery Santa Fe solo  

AMOCA Los Angles  Fahrenheit 

Fuller Craft Museum: Object Lessons Selections from the Permanent Collection 

The Lux Center for the Arts  02 .2018

SOFA EXPO Chicago 

Zanesville Prize winners exhibition Zanesville,Ohio 

2017 Cluj Ceramics Biennale ( Romania)

AMOCA - "We the People"  08.-12.2018

AMOCA solo show

LUX Center for the Arts Dynamic Range

AMOCA "A to Z Permanent Collection"

Cluj Ceramics Biennale ( Romania)2016